WDF funds five new projects in the first half of 2023

The new projects aim for ambitious changes at national level, from broader multi-sector alliances to integrated NCD responses and prioritization of care for children with diabetes.

13 July 2023 Andreea Enea

Children taking part of diabetes prevention awareness in rural Georgia (WDF13-800). A new project in the country will aim for a nation-wide care response to protect the health and educational rights of children with type 1 diabetes.

In the first half of 2023, WDF has supported new promising projects that align with all WDF’s intervention areas – access to care, primary prevention, and advocacy – in strongly collaborative ways.

The projects adopt an integrated approach to meet the essential health needs of the populations by strengthening national responses through more innovative multi-sector partnerships fighting diabetes and other non-communicable diseases (NCDs). You can see an example of successful multi-stakeholder partnerships in this article

Spanning different countries in Eastern Europe, South Asia, West and South Africa, the new interventions aim to catalyse change at national level and improve the lives of those affected by diabetes and its complications, on the long term.

A project in Eswatini is scaling up eye and foot care and prevention among other priorities, while the latest intervention in Pakistan takes diabetes management to the next level by introducing a foot care model including suitable footwear production. The latest project in Georgia will promote the health and educational rights of children with type 1 diabetes, aiming for legislative change and expanding access to care across all 12 regions of the country.

Health promotion amongst children is also part of the goals of a new project in Cameroon, which aims to protect future generations from developing NCDs through nutritional education and access to health promoting environments for adolescents and pregnant women. 

Most of the recent projects funded this year aim for strengthened NCD responses through multi-sector partnerships and integrated care, healthier environments and equitable access to health services (especially for underserved communities), which are part of the WDF’s 2021-2025 strategy.

Here are the new projects signed in the first half of 2023:



Scaling up healthy nutrition intervention in adolescents and pregnancy



Promotion of rights of Children with Diabetes



Integrated diabetes and footcare at public facilities in twenty districts



Together against diabetes in Saint-Louis, Senegal



Scaling up diabetes awareness, prevention and management in Eswatini



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