Promotion of Rights of Children with Diabetes, Georgia


The proposed project represents a holistic response to the needs of CwD in Georgia.

Based on a scoping assessment including consultations with MoH and WHO it was found that issues of CwD in Georgia should be prioritized, and the following components were selected:

Advocacy towards ensuring that state legislation and programmes are improved to support health and educational needs of CwD.
Strengthening of provision of care for CwD through updating of guidelines on paediatric endocrinology and training of paediatric endocrinologists. Trainings to be aligned with broader capacity building for care for CwD implemented and funded in parallel by MoH and including training of nurses and establishment of clinics.
Promotion of support to CwD in schools through training and support to school personnel on required knowledge and skills to effectively cope with pupils living with diabetes.
Improvement of public awareness on challenges and rights of CwD and enhancement of capacity of parents to CwD and other stakeholders to advocate for strengthened support to CwD in Georgia.

Expected results

Baseline conducted to identify health, educational and social issues of CwD and gaps in the legislation/state programmes.
Policy recommendations presented to central government and regional authorities and promoted in parliament.
National guidelines and training in paediatric endocrinology developed.
80 endocrinologists trained in paediatric endocrinology.
National diabetes registry (developed in previous project WDF18-1589) to include focus on children with T1D.
Clinics for T1D care established in all 12 regions of Georgia.
5 regional children camps and 5 local advocacy projects implemented.
370 children with T1D provided care and support.
Training module for school personnel and online training videos on T1 diabetes management at schools developed.
320 key school personnel trained, and 63,000 teachers & school staff covered through online trainings on management T1 diabetes at schools.
330,000 people reached through awareness raising activities

Project information

  • Project Nr.:
  • Project status:
    Implementation phase
  • Intervention areas:
    Access to care
    Advocacy and stakeholder engagement
  • Region:
  • Country:
  • Partners:
    Non-Communicable Diseases Alliance in Georgia (NCDA Georgia)
  • Project period:
    2023 2025
  • Project budget:
    USD 220.206
  • WDF contribution:
    USD 220.206