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I love sharing what I’ve learned – Huda Al Dabagh

Huda Al Dabagh and her family fled Syria in 2013, and found refuge in Amman, Jordan. When she arrived, she was not well. “My health wasn’t good … and I was also psychologically devastated. I had high blood pressure, depression and also very dry eyes,” she recalls.

Friends advised her to visit Caritas Jordan, a faith-based organisation that serves refugees and vulnerable populations. “I followed their advice, lost weight and now have stable hypertension. I feel the improvement, in my body and my mind,” she says.

Now 43, Huda lives with her husband Nidal and five children. She visits Caritas daily, but today, she is part of a close-knit volunteer group working within her community and in Caritas clinics.

“I’m now more energetic, having my daily routine, seeing people and helping them. I love sharing what I have learned.”

Huda Al Dabagh received NCD prevention and management services through ‘Jordan Integrated NCD-humanitarian response, WDF19-1732’.