Fighting diabetes

Our vision is to alleviate suffering related to diabetes and its complications
among those least able to withstand the burden of the disease.

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Help train staff in type 1 diabetes at one clinic

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Help train 1 child in self-management

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Help send a child to Diabetes Summer School, and more

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We are very glad to get this project

Bimal Mandal is a honey hunter living in the West Bengal village of Samsernagar. It’s an exceptionally difficult and dangerous livelihood: he must navigate forests populated by Bengal tigers and poisonous snakes. But he persists - six family members depend on him for survival. 

There are few healthcare services in the Sundarbans, an area with more rivers than roads. So when Mr Mandal heard about a diabetes camp near his home, he decided to attend. 

A blood sugar test returned a worrisome 396 mg/dl. Camp staff told him about a boat carrying a doctor and two health workers that would visit the area soon. He was there when it arrived, and the boat's staff confirmed that Mr Mandal had type 2 diabetes. He was referred to Barasat District Hospital, then returned home for follow-up care. 

“Amra Khub Khushi ai Project peye. Amra WDF-er kache kritagya,” Mr Mindal told project staff. (We are very glad to get this project. We are grateful to WDF.)

His health much improved, Mr Mandal is now able to return to the forest and the wild honey that he and his family depend upon.

Mr Mandal’s diagnosis, care and follow-up were made possible by Reaching the Unreached through Diabetes Prevention and Care Programme, WDF15-1241.