Fighting diabetes

Our vision is to alleviate suffering related to diabetes and its complications
among those least able to withstand the burden of the disease.

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Printing of 100 educational booklets in local languages

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Seeds, educational materials and gardening instruction for one ‘model family’ garden 

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Healthy Habits ‘agent of change’ training for five women

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Materials for school and church kitchens, follow up training and more 

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Patients treated

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I'm proud I'm able to contribute - Eric Omandi

Eric Omandi was the third-born of seven siblings: curious, earnest and good in school. But he started feeling ill when he was in the sixth grade. By September 2003, during his first year in high school, he reached a breaking point. 

“I could no longer hold on, and was taken to hospital,” he says.  

Eric was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, and sent back to school with a single vial of insulin. Eric went without a clinic visit or insulin for one year, by which time he was so sick he had to drop out of school. 

As one door closed, though, another cracked open. A teacher at Eric’s school told an acquaintance at The Kenya Diabetes Management and Information Centre (DMI) about Eric and arranged an introduction. DMI provided him with care and insulin, and helped him re-enroll in school. 

Degree in hand, Eric sought ways to help others with diabetes in Kenya. In 2011, DMI and other well-wishers helped Eric earn a diploma in nursing. Today, he works at DMI as a nurse, educator, ambassador and programme officer for the CDIC® programme.

“I’ve become a real ambassador – people call me with questions, and look for me at meetings,” he says. “I’m proud I’m able to contribute.”

WDF has partnered with DMI for years, via WDF09-436/phase 2:WDF16-1344 as well as several fundraiser projects