Fighting diabetes

Our vision is to alleviate suffering related to diabetes and its complications
among those least able to withstand the burden of the disease.

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I've been given more courage

In 2016, though, Caren Koyra went to a very exclusive camp. Only young Kenyans with type 1 diabetes were invited.

During the weeklong event, Caren gained skills for managing her disease, and learned that she isn't alone. Her dad went to camp as well, and learned how to support both Caren's health and her independence.

Type 1 diabetes is complex no matter where you live, but in Kenya, poverty, stigmatisation, ignorance, myths and poor access to quality care can make it even harder. 

"I've been given more courage," Caren says.

Camps for youth with type 1 are arranged by Kenya’s Diabetes Management and Information Centre, with WDF support.