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Now I can walk and I give back – Dieumbe Seck, Senegal

A mother, wife and merchant lost her leg to diabetes, but not her spirit. Today, thanks to her prosthesis she’s able to move freely and inspire others.

“I was diagnosed with diabetes 15 years ago, but it never stopped me from working. In February 2021, after a bath I noticed a blister on my leg. It burst with liquid and it was painful. In March 2021, my left leg was amputated.

When I heard about the project, I asked to be a beneficiary.  Now I can walk trouble-free around the village and I give back to my community. There was another local woman who has just had her limb amputated because of diabetes and she retracted from social life. I befriended her and helped her join a diabetes association. Today, she runs her own little shop in front of the school.

Dieumbe Seck is a beneficiary of Improving management of diabetes and its complications in St Louis, Senegal, WDF18-1619, a diabetes footcare project which also built local capacity for producing prosthetic devices.