The project builds on the foundation laid by project WDF18-1619 with an increased focus on strengthening primary care, patient education and community interventions in the districts of Saint-Louis and Dagana (total population: 475,000).

To roll out comprehensive integrated diabetes care in these two districts, project activities include:

Capacity building of HCPs using nationally approved training materials:
Training of doctors and HCPs (nurses, nursing assistants and midwives) in diabetes prevention and care, including screening and management of HIP.
Training of nurses in diabetes footcare.
Practical training of surgeons in diabetic foot revascularization surgery
Primary-level health facilities in the two districts strengthened:
Provision of basic equipment (glucometer, blood pressure monitor, stethoscopes, scale).
Clinical mentorship through monitoring visits led by health authorities to assess quality of diabetes care provided, effectiveness of referral system and NCD data collection.
Patient education:
Training of peer educators, including a practical training in Senegal’s national reference centre for diabetes.
Surveillance system for NCDs:
Training of HCPs on the collection and reporting of DHIS2 diabetes indicators recently introduced by MoH, incl. HIP, complications etc.
Screening campaigns and community mobilization through the training of CHWs, religious leaders and traditional healers.

Expected results

64 primary-level health centres and 1 provincial hospital strengthened through the training of 17 doctors and 30 nurses in diabetes footcare, 120 HCPs in diabetes care and DHIS2 reporting and 35 HCPs in comprehensive patient education
150 CHWs trained in diabetes prevention and early diagnosis
6,000 diabetes patients provided with improved care and trained in self-care (out of which 1,500 new patients)
20 religious and traditional leaders and 15 traditional healers trained in diabetes prevention
3,000 persons screened for diabetes and hypertension
15,800 people sensitized about diabetes through awareness activities
Baseline and endline conducted to measure change in patients’ ability to self-manage diabetes and in health workers’ skills and competencies
External evaluation conducted

Project information

  • Project Nr.:
  • Project status:
    Implementation phase
  • Intervention areas:
    Access to care
  • Region:
  • Country:
  • Partners:
    Federation Handicap International
  • Project period:
    2023 2026
  • Project budget:
    EUR 506.660
  • WDF contribution:
    EUR 506.660