06. Jan 2023

WDF funds 6 new projects in the second half of 2022

WDF funds 6 new projects in the second half of 2022

Gwendolyn Carleton
New projects focus on disease prevention and data collection across three continents.
A pregnant woman at a clinic strengthened by the Accessing Gestational Diabetes Care project in the Philippines. Two of the new projects focus on hyperglycaemia in pregnancy, building on learnings from past projects like this one.

In the second half of 2022, WDF supported a variety of projects in Africa, India and the Philippines. While each has its own unique approach, all aim to create lasting, sustainable improvements in diabetes prevention and care in the populations they target. The projects include two with a focus on gestational diabetes, and one focused on displaced populations.

The projects reflect WDF’s focus on diabetes care at the primary level and primary prevention targeting pregnant women and children. They also reflect the Foundation’s transition toward fewer but larger scale projects.

New projects signed in the second half of 2022



WDF22-1873 Strengthening integration of gestational diabetes in India’s maternal healthcare, India



The Integrated Diabetes Awareness and Care Project


WDF22-1870 Addressing Pregnancy Hyperglycaemia by Nutrition Education and Services, Philippines
Rwanda WDF20-1792 Enhancing Access to Prevention, Detection and Diabetes Quality Care in Rwanda
Somalia and Kenya WDF21-1847 NCD Care for Displaced Populations in Somalia and Kenya
Sudan WDF20-1768 Sudan Diabetes Project