Integrating type 1 diabetes care into health systems in Eastern Africa and the Middle East


To catalyse the integration of type 1 diabetes care into health systems in eight low- and middle income countries. This integration includes health system planning and budgeting and systemic and continuous capacity building, in order to establish accessible and comprehensive delivery of care.
To roll out strengthened type 1 diabetes care services across all eight countries, including awareness raising campaigns, diagnosis (screening), treatment, medical supplies, and patient support and education including with focus on family, household and community levels.


The project will target Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi, Rwanda, Mozambique, Jordan and Lebanon. It will seek to establish a solid institutional framework with ministry of health ownership and leadership in each of the eight countries in order to integrate and advance type 1 diabetes care from 2021-2025. Importantly, the co-ownership and co-lead roles and responsibilities of key national stakeholders and international support agencies will be consolidated through alliance-building and wider collaborations.

WDF will support partners in the eight countries in providing a comprehensive package of care to children and adolescents with type 1 diabetes. This package will include training of HCPs, supply of insulin and glucometers, education in self-management of patients and extended education of their families, psycho-social support, advise in importance of exercise and healthy eating, convening of diabetes camps and more. The project is in partnership with the Novo Nordisk Changing Diabetes® in Children (CDiC) programme, and will utilise proven CDiC approaches.

WDF also will further engage in global advocacy for improved care of people with type 1 diabetes and share experiences and insights from the project’s implementation and partnerships. A reference group consisting of key global type 1 diabetes stakeholders will be established to form an expert group to the project.

The project will thus contribute to the global NCD and diabetes agenda from two perspectives:

One concerning the underprioritisation of type 1 diabetes in the global NCD response configuration;
The other concerning access to insulin (an issue especially resonant in the year 2021, the centenary of insulin’s discovery)

Expected results

Revitalised MoH national NCD strategies that integrate and advance type 1 diabetes care
Enhanced health care capacity to provide treatment and care for people with type 1 diabetes
At least 12,000 children and adolescents diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and provided efficient, comprehensive and sustainable care
Project Partners

Kenya: Diabetes Management and Information Centre, Novo Nordisk Changing Diabetes in Children Programme

Ethiopia: CUAMM, Ethiopia Diabetes Association

Tanzania: Tanzania Diabetes Association

Rwanda: Rwanda Diabetes Association

Malawi: Partners In Health

Mozambique: CUAMM and Mozambican Diabetes Association

Jordan: Royal Health Awareness Society

Lebanon: American University Beirut

The Ministries of health in the eight targeted countries are also collaborating partners.

Project information

  • Project Nr.:
  • Project status:
    Implementation phase
  • Intervention areas:
    Access to care
    Advocacy and stakeholder engagement
  • Region:
    Middle East and North Africa
  • Country:
    United Republic of Tanzania
  • Project budget:
    EUR 1.500.000
  • WDF contribution:
    EUR 1.500.000