Rwanda project


Provide support to children and youth with T1DM in Rwanda focusing on quality of care/selfcare and digital health for better patient monitoring and follow up.


Project activities include two tracks:

Diabetes care for T1DM:

- Specialised diabetes care provided by RDA to all registered children and youth with T1DM in Rwanda, services to be gradually transferred to NCD clinics at district hospitals. Services will include:
- Quarterly visits by RDA mobile team to all 40 district hospitals to provide regular diabetes check-up (including screening for complications), diabetes education and distribution of supplies to T1DM children and youth in need.
- RDA working along-side hospital NCD staff with the purpose of gradual transfer of knowledge, skills and management of the T1DM patients.
- Annual summer camps targeting vulnerable T1DM children and youth and caretakers to enhance diabetes self-management and self-esteem.

Quality monitoring and follow up of patients:

- Monitoring, follow-up and clinical outcomes for T1DM patients will be enhanced through:
- Establishment of an electronic registry of T1DM patients: transferring the paper-based registry to an electronic version, training of data collectors and
continuous, systematic data collection of T1DM patients’ data.
- Liaison and collaboration with PhD research project using the electronic registry to improve monitoring, follow up and care for T1DM patients (PhD to be funded separately).

Expected results

- Electronic patient registry established
- 40 NCD clinics at district hospitals strengthened to provide quality T1DM care
- Three camps for a total of 300 T1DM children and youth and their parents
- 1500 T1DM patients trained in self-management
- 900 T1DM patients with regular attendance to clinic (e.g. four times per year)
- 600 T1DM patients within agreed targets for glucose control
- At least six meetings with health authorities / policy makers to discuss project outcomes

Project information

  • Project Nr.:
  • Project status:
    Implementation phase
  • Intervention areas:
    Access to care
  • Region:
  • Country:
  • Partners:
    Association Rwandaise des Diabetiques
  • Project period:
    2020 2024
  • Project budget:
    USD 230.647
  • WDF contribution:
    USD 230.647