Ma(r)king a Difference: WDF’s First Impact Report

Letter from Dr Anil Kapur, Chair of the Board, World Diabetes Foundation, April 2024

As Chair of the World Diabetes Foundation (WDF), I am proud to present WDF’s first Impact Report, featuring examples of the change made possible through our programmes and advocacy work over the past two decades of existence.

This report showcases the quality, depth and breadth of our work but also the transformative change we support in the diabetes and non-communicable diseases (NCD) space in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs). It is a testament to our commitment to transparency, accountability, and most importantly, our mission to alleviate the burden of NCDs on those most in need. 

From the earlier focus on supporting grass root projects to address prevention and care for diabetes and related NCDs and replicating successful initiatives, in recent years, we have strategically shifted our focus towards impact, sustainability and learning. This has propelled us on an ambitious path, reporting not only on outputs but towards understanding and communicating the outcomes and impact of our partnership projects. 

WDF has evolved significantly over the years. We have expanded our reach, diversified programmes, and strengthened our advocacy work. Our reach has grown exponentially, extending NCD care to 8.9 million people living in vulnerable settings and training more than 600,000 healthcare providers in diabetes care and prevention in 120 countries.

However, numbers only tell part of the story. 

To understand our impact, we must also look at the changes enabled through our numeric results: the people who are able to live healthier lives, the clinics that are better equipped to provide quality care, the partners who have been able to professionalise their organisation and attract more funding, and the policymakers who are making diabetes a health priority nationally and globally. 

While we have systematically collected data and reported on project-specific results, reporting on larger outcomes and impact has been limited. This is a common challenge in our field – measuring and communicating the extent of the desired change ignited by our partnerships and funding.

With this first Impact Report, we hope to start a conversation on WDF’s impact. At the same time, the report is a testament to our purpose and achievements, a spark of motivation to strive for even more and attract other like-minded agencies to partner with us in creating bigger sustainable health system transformations to address the burden of diabetes and related NCDs.

Last but not least, this report allows us to showcase the invaluable contributions of our many partners. Without their contribution, dedication and hard work none of this would have been possibe. Our partners implement the  programmes we fund and support; jointly advocate with us for policy changes; and provide care to those in need. They bring alive  our vision and purpose into reality.

I express my deepest gratitude to all our local and global partners. Your dedication, passion, and hard work is making a difference in the fight against diabetes. Thank you for your commitment to our common cause.

Enjoy the read!

Yours sincerely,
Dr Anil Kapur
Chair of the Board 
World Diabetes Foundation