06. Nov 2012

Walking Diabetes Out of Nigeria

Walking Diabetes Out of Nigeria

Anders Dejgaard, Managing Director
The organisation SIDCAIN runs two WDF-supported projects in Nigeria. They both aim at improving diabetes care and prevention through education in Ogun and Oyo states.

In Africa’s most populated country the estimated diabetes prevalence is 4%. For our population of 160 million people this translates into more than 6 million people living with diabetes. The burden of premature death from diabetes is similar to that of HIV/AIDS, yet the problem is largely unrecognised. Awareness of diabetes is still low in Nigeria due to inadequate awareness about health education and prevention. In view of this, SIDCAIN has lined up programmes to achieve the theme of this year’s World Diabetes Day celebration: ‘Diabetes – Protect our Future’.

2012 SIDCAIN Global Diabetes Walk

The SIDCAIN Eaglets Health Clubs play a central role in reaching the young, their parents and teachers. As part of the 2012 WDD activities, we have conducted quiz and debate competitions on diabetes and positive lifestyle for our 54 SIDCAIN Eaglets Health Clubs in public and private schools. The celebrations will run over three days:

Wednesday 14 November: School Health Assessment:
SIDCAIN Eaglets Health Club members will measure height, weight, BMI and optionally measure blood pressure on students as a way of imbibing positive lifestyle.
Free diabetes and hypertension screening will be available for adults within the school on this day.

Saturday 17 November: SIDCAIN Eaglets Club Cycling competition
A cycling competition involving a total of 108 cyclists. One boy and one girl have been shortlisted from each school. The Nigerian Police as well as the SIDCAIN team will accompany the convoy. Each participant will be provided a bicycle and a helmet.

A major Global Diabetes Walk will take place in all the NCD clinics in 33 different communities in Oyo State, and the 25 different communities in Ogun State. Free diabetes screening will be available at selected sites in Ibadan City. A convoy of vehicles carrying different banners, educational materials, musicians, dancers etc shall move round the 10 locations to create awareness and give educational talks round the city. The very many School Health Clubs within the Ibadan municipality will participate in the Walk.

Saturday 24 November: SIDCAIN Eaglets Club Variety Program
In a variety of dance, play and song competitions for schools, the SIDCAIN Star will be found under the title “Smarts over Swags”. Schools with novel ideas in preventing diabetes and promoting healthy lifestyle are expected to showcase their unique activities. Excellence shall be rewarded at every stage of the program
Tune in and “Join the parade”.

Let's join the parade - Nigeria Diabetes Walk 2012
A special music track dedicated to the World Diabetes Foundation and mainly emphasising the importance of lifestyle changes will be played throughout the campaign. Through the recent SIDCAIN Initiative - Journalists Action Against Diabetes (JAAD), this will be aired on main radio and TV stations in the Oyo and Ogun States. Listen to the track or see it in YouTube. Don’t forget to share it!

Sidcain Diabetes Walk 2012