03. May 2013

Role model for diabetes care in Colombia

Role model for diabetes care in Colombia

Gwendolyn Carleton
Ministry of Health selects the Barranquilla District as national role model area for diabetes care in Colombia based on successful Vida Nueva project.

The District of Barranquilla located in Northern Colombia is now being recognised nationally for its work in diabetes and particularly gestational diabetes. The Ministry of Health announced Barranquilla as “Model Area for type 2 Diabetes Mellitus”. This means that Barranquilla will be “Model Area” for health promotion, prevention, integrated care and rehabilitation of type 2 diabetes as well as gestational diabetes. The Ministry of Health will earmark the necessary resources for follow-up and technical consultancy to replicate best practices and experiences throughout the country.  

This endorsement was well received by the District Health Secretary, Ms Alma Solano. “Pregnant mothers are a priority for us. This recognition underlines the work we have been doing in Barranquilla for safe motherhood and primary child health. Now our challenge is to have healthy generations,” she said.

Luz María Llanos is one of the pregnant women who has already benefitted from the Vida Nueva project. She says, “The meetings at Vida Nueva are fantastic and the advantage is that we pregnant women learn to look after ourselves and signs of diabetes and make sure that our babies are born healthy. Mind you, I was big but now I watch what I eat and I take my walks. I took my tests and I would wish that everyone had the same opportunity as I have with Vida Nueva.” 

GDM guidelines set national standard

One of the results achieved under the Vida Nueva project supported by WDF is a 20 page “Guide to detection and management of gestational diabetes” (Guía de atención de Detección y manejo de diabetes gestacional). This guide is now receiving national attention.

President of Caribbean Chapter of the Colombian Endocrinology Association, Dr Joaquín Armenta also expressed satisfaction on behalf of the scientific sector, “It is highly satisfactory that the Ministry endorses the guide for gestational diabetes which we have developed here and even more so that this guide is becoming a national model which will have a positive impact on the health of all Colombians.  And furthermore that the Ministry gives the responsibility to Barranquilla to develop guidelines and models of care for diabetes in general in Colombia,” he said.

Posted in national media: El Heraldo and La Libertad