20. Nov 2015

2015 Walk is biggest ever

Anna Knauer Elley
The 2015 Global Diabetes Walk was the biggest in the event’s history, with almost 380.000 participants in 65 countries across the globe.
A wonderful Walk moment from Ethiopian Diabetes Association's Walk in Ethiopia.
The 2015 Global Diabetes Walk surpassed expectations, broke records and expanded to new lands. 175 Walk organisers registered 1,596 Walks in 65 countries – and an impressive 379,430 people participated. Not only were steps taken, but the message behind those steps was clear: Take steps to prevent diabetes. 
Thanks to everyone who made this 11th Global Diabetes Walk a success. If you organised a Walk, but still haven’t registered – or need to update your Walk registration please let us know. 
The final 2015 Walk numbers will appear in our Annual Review. 
Walks in Africa
68 Walks were held with more than 39,000 participants in 16 countries (Ghana, South Africa, Nigeria, Guinea-Bissau, Malawi, Congo, Uganda, Côte d'ivory, Seychelles, Madagascar, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Burkina Faso, Togo, Ethiopia, and Benin). The biggest Walks took place in Ethiopia, with 10,000 participants in 10 Walks organised by Ethiopian Diabetes Association – double the organisation’s contribution last year.
Walks in Europe
147 Walks were held with 19,520 participants in 11 countries (Denmark, Georgia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Kosovo, Kyrgyzstan Germany, Poland, Moldova, Uzbekistan, and Turkey). The biggest Walks took place in Kyrgyzstan, with 89 Walks and 10,000 participants organised by HelpAge International in Kyrgyz Republik. It was the largest number of Walks and participants in Europe to date.
Walks in Middle East and North Africa
22 Walks were held with 72,525 participants in 11 countries (Afghanistan, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Egypt, Yemen, Qatar, Pakistan, Sudan and Myanmar). The biggest Walk took place in United Arab Emirates with 15,000 participants organised by Landmark Groups –which also organised impressive Walks in Oman, Doha, Qatar, Bahrain and Kuwait. 
Walks in North America and Caribbean
20 Walks were held with 13,100 participants in 6 countries (Dominica, United States of America, Saint Lucia, Mexico, Antigua and Barbuda, and British Virgin Islands). The biggest Walks took place in Mexico, where Farmacias del Ahorro organised three Walks with 6,500 participants. More than half of the 2015 Walks in this region took place in Mexico.  
South and Central America 
41 Walks were held with 22,625 participants in 11 countries (El Salvador, Argentina, Uruguay, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Peru, Paraguay, Colombia, Bolivia and Dominican Republic). The biggest Walks were in Honduras, where Proyecto Honduras Luchando contra la Diabetes organised 5 Walks with 7,000 participants.
South East Asia
1,256 Walks were held with 189,100 participants in 2 countries (India and Bangladesh). The biggest Walks took place in India with an impressive 96,000 participants in 800 Walks organised by kNOw Diabetes. This is the second consecutive year that kNOw Diabetes has set records for the number of Walks organised and people participating. 
Western Pacific
36 Walks were held with 23,560 participants in 8 countries (China, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Japan and Taiwan). The biggest Walk took place in China, where Sun Jianping organised 2 Walks with more than 3,000 participants. 
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