27. Feb 2015

2015 fundraiser: diabetes care in Peru

Gwendolyn Carleton
WDF’s fundraising programme offers donors the opportunity to support selected projects. This year, donations will support a project to improve diabetes awareness and care in Peru.
A diabetes clinic in Peru. WDF’s 2015 fundraiser will support a project working to improve diabetes awareness and care across the country.
Diabetes rates are now at 7,2% in Peru, and climbing fast. The country is also experiencing an increasing number of severe diabetes-related complications - in particular diabetic foot.
Yet only about 75% of Peruvians covered by health services, and fewer than 300 endocrinologists exist nationwide. While diabetes is addressed in the Peruvian Health Strategic Plan, the resources available to treat and combat the disease are very limited.
Awareness and understanding of the disease is also a problem, says Dr. Jorge Calderon from the Peruvian Diabetes Association (ADIPER): “About 90% of people with diabetes have misconceptions such as: ‘diabetes is an emotional illness’, insulin causes blindness and amputation’, or ‘herbs treat diabetes’. So people don’t always seek medical care, or do not follow their treatment.”
Building on a strong start
In 2010, ADIPER and WDF partnered to change this. That first project was called ‘Training of trainers in five provinces - WDF10-522’. It centres on a 3-day intensive educator course for healthcare professionals, and is making a real impact. 
Now, a new WDF project led by ADIPER will build on this strong start. Its goals are to raise awareness in Peru about diabetes and its prevention; improve diabetes care in Peru; and prevent and treat foot complications. All funds donated to WDF in 2015 will be used to realise this project. 
ADIPER will collaborate closely with the Ministry of Health to enhance implementation and sustainability. The Ministry of Health will sponsor the physical premises for the respective clinics as well as qualified health care staff (salaries) at the respective sites. WDF will fund the establishment of the new clinics (equipment, renovation etc.)
Expected results 
50 health care professionals trained in diabetes management and diabetic foot
50 health care professionals trained in diabetic foot care
3000 people screened for diabetes
2500 people with diabetes counselled and treated re diabetes and diabetic foot
2055 people provided with enhanced foot care services
4 basic diabetes care clinics strengthened (2 in Lima and 2 in Piura)
4 new diabetic foot care units established
2 diabetes care annual feedback seminars conducted
10,000 posters produced and distributed
2 awareness meetings with the Health Minister and politicians held
WDF’s fundraising programme offers donors the opportunity to support selected projects. These projects may involve providing children with basic treatment, regular monitoring and educational activities that would otherwise be out of their reach. They may also involve more general diabetes care, for example supporting clinics and mobile clinics.
In recent years, WDF fundraisers have benefitted diabetes projects in Mali, Madagascar and Tanzania, among others. 
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