Use of the WDF logo

Use of the WDF logo
The logo of the World Diabetes Foundation is copyright protected - please observe the following guidance for its use.
Who may use the logo
The logo has been designed for the exclusive use of the Board and Secretariat of the World Diabetes Foundation.
On request, WDF project partners, organisations and stakeholders, as well as the press, may use the WDF logo in promotional documents, official publications, and in journalistic coverage of WDF as an organisation. The WDF will not accept the use of the logo in any commercial context with the aim of creating profit or personal gain.
Written permission needs to be obtained from the WDF Secretariat before materials depicting the WDF logo are produced. This permission may be obtained from Communication Manager Gwendolyn Carleton, or the relevant programme manager.
The logo is not to be re-drawn, re-proportioned, cropped or modified. The size can be proportionally enlarged or reduced to a legible size. The title is an inseparable part of the logo and must be included under the logo. 
Use of colour
The World Diabetes Foundation colours are red, black, grey and white. Precise colour codes are available upon request. The logo is available in colour and black and white versions (see below).
Non-printable space
Whenever the WDF logo is used, sufficient space should be maintained between the logo and other text or graphic elements which may appear on the page. A distance of at least 30% of the horizontal and vertical dimensions of the logo is recommended. The same distance should be maintained between the logo and page borders.