Partnering with WDF
WDF works through partnerships
WDF's Head of Programmes Hanne Strandgaard digging a hole in the ground for a tree. She is surrounded by the local men.
WDF-supported projects at country level are initiated, implemented and sustained through local partners. We accept applications at fixed deadlines and present them to WDF's Board of Directors for examination and decision.
We have partners in more than 100 countries and at all levels - from grassroots to national, regional and global entities.                                 

We collaborate with ministries of health and education, other public or private health entities, development agencies, academia, patient associations, professional federations, international and local non-governmental organisations, media and other non-state actors.

Our aim is to empower governments, civil society and other non-state actors who strive to deliver on global or national commitments to enhance diabetes prevention and care.

We also seek partnerships that address gaps in our own capacity, create synergies that increase the impact of projects and serve as fora to share expertise, resources or competencies.

We value meeting our partners and beneficiaries regularly in their local environments, listening and providing technical sparring and exchange.