Our Results
Our projects touch millions of lives - and continue benefitting local communities after WDF funding ends

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Cumulative Project Results 2002-2022

From 2002 to 2022, the WDF provided 197,7 mln euros in funding to 595 projects in 119 countries. For every euro provided by WDF, project partners raise approximately 2 euros in cash or in-kind contributions from other sources.

Cumulative project results 2002-2022. Over 24k clinics established/strengthened. Over 50k teachers trained. Over 3 mln children and parents trained. Over 8.8 mln patients treated at clinics. Over 16 mln people screened for diabetes.

The results above are based on internal reporting to WDF during the course of each project. After WDF projects are completed, trained medical staff, enhanced clinics and increased awareness all contine to benefit local communities.

The sustainability of WDF projects is important to us. This is why we support projects that are sustainable, scalable, and integrated into health systems where possible. Our aim is for our projects to continue benefitting local communities after WDF funding ends.

See our STORIES for partner and patient perspectives on our projects.