Whatever I have to do - Nayani Nimeshika

Whatever I have to do - Nayani Nimeshika
Hyperglycaemia in pregnancy
After receiving a diagnosis of gestational diabetes, Nayani Nimeshika was frightened.

But she pushed the fear aside and took action.

"Whatever I have to do for the unborn child in order not to harm it, I will do," she said.

Healthcare staff at Sri Lanka's De Soysa Hospital helped her change her diet and start an exercise plan, and prescribed medication to control her blood sugar. Nayani managed her diabetes well enough to have a normal birth and a healthy baby girl.

Nayani was fortunate to attend a clinic that screens pregnant women for gestational diabetes and provides care to those with the condition. Without this screening, she might not have known about her condition, or been able to safeguard her health and that of her unborn baby.

De Soysa Hospital staff were among thousands trained through WDF12-683. The project also implemented national GDM screening and management guidelines.