Non-communicable diseases account for 68% of global mortality – or two out of every three deaths. Yet domestic, private and international funding streams targeting NCDs are scarce.

Today, as little as 2% of development assistance is earmarked for NCDs*. As a result, global, regional and national advocacy is an important aspect of the WDF’s mission.

The WDF proactively seeks to act as a convener and catalyst, bringing people together to put the spotlight on diabetes in developing countries and related neglected issues, including: 

  • New partnership models for financing of NCDs
  • Diabetes in humanitarian situations
  • Women and diabetes, including hyperglycaemia in pregnancy
  • Diabetes in indigenous populations
  • The double burden of diabetes and tuberculosis
  • Strengthening of supply chains providing access to essential medicines 

Over the years, we have supported and organised global, regional and national summits, expert symposia and stakeholder and donor meetings to plant the seeds for long-term change.
*IHME, Development Assistance for Health database 1990-2015