Past fundraisers

Past fundraisers
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Since 2003, WDF donors have supported 27 life-changing projects in 23 countries.

2018 - Kenya
Objective: Supporting children and youth with type 1 diabetes in Kenya.
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Amount raised: $61,400
Status: Since its launch in November 2018, the project has organised two camps, one for 42 children with diabetes and one for 42 parents and 5 teachers. WDF will visit the project in Jan 2020, and publish a film and news story about its progress - watch this space.

2017 - Rwanda
Objective: To improve prevention and awareness of type 2 diabetes in 14 districts, and improve self-care and well-being of children and youth with type 1 diabetes. 
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Amount raised: $107,000
Status: Currently in roll-out stage

2016 - Myanmar
Objective: To train health care professionals, screen patients and improve awareness related to diabetic foot care services in Yangon and Mandalay. Read more
Amount raised: $97,000
Status: Off to a strong start, with three new clinics now operating at key university hospitals.
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2015 - Peru
Objective: To raise awareness in Peru about diabetes and its prevention; improve diabetes care in Peru; and prevent and treat foot complications. Read more
Amount raised: $140,000
Status: Basic Units for Diabetes Care launched in June 2015 and is now rolled out across Piura and Lima, where it continues to surpass its goals for training, screening, counselling and treatment.
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2014 - Mali
Objective: To improve healthcare and quality of life for Malian children with type 1 diabetes. Read more
Amount raised: $83,000
Status: A children's diabetes clinic opened in 2015.
Read updates about the clinic opening and camps held for youth with diabetes