Fundraising programme

Fundraising programme
WDF’s fundraising programme allows donors to directly support diabetes prevention and care projects.

Since 2003, donors have supported 29 life-changing projects in 25 countries

WDF’s fundraising programme is separate from the Foundation's endowment, giving donors the chance to directly support WDF and its partners. 

Projects selected as fundraisers are often pilot projects or later phases of successful completed projects that meet a clear need and quickly produce results. Some have provided diabetes treatment, monitoring and education to children. Others have strengthened diabetes clinics and created and equipped mobile clinics serving hard-to-reach populations. 

WDF's current fundraiser supports internally displaced populations in Somaliland


Past fundraisers

2021 - Guatemala
Objective: reduce diabetes risk factors in Sololá's indigenous communities by targeting the diet and lifestyle decision-makers: women
Read the project description

2020 - Kyrgyzstan
Objective: Empowering young people with diabetes in Kyrgyzstan
Read the project description

2019 - Jordan
Objective: Improving foot care for refugees
Read the project description or see a short film about the project
Amount raised: $133,000

2018 - Kenya
Objective: Supporting children and youth with type 1 diabetes in Kenya.
See the project description, see a short film, and read about a WDF visit
Amount raised: $61,400

2017 - Rwanda
Objective: To improve prevention and awareness of type 2 diabetes in 14 districts, and improve self-care and well-being of children and youth with type 1 diabetes. 
See the project description and an update from a WDF visit
Amount raised: $107,000

2016 - Myanmar
Objective: To train health care professionals, screen patients and improve awareness related to diabetic foot care services in Yangon and Mandalay. 
See the project description and an update from the project
Amount raised: $97,000

2015 - Peru
Objective: To raise awareness in Peru about diabetes and its prevention; improve diabetes care in Peru; and prevent and treat foot complications.
See the project desciption and an update from the project
Amount raised: $140,000

2014 - Mali
Objective: To improve healthcare and quality of life for Malian children with type 1 diabetes.
See the project description and read about the clinic opening and camps held for youth with diabetes
Amount raised: $83,000