Current fundraiser

Current fundraiser
Improving foot care for refugees

WDF’s 2019 fundraiser builds on a long-standing partnership with UNRWA to protect the feet of a vulnerable group – Palestine refugees in Jordan.


WDF’s 2019 fundraiser project, Prevention and Management of Diabetic Foot for Refugees with Diabetes, will build on the learnings from this long-term partnership, with a special focus on preventing diabetic foot ulcers and, ultimately, amputations among Palestine refugees in Jordan through education, empowerment and capacity building of health staff. To learn more.

The project deliverables include:

  • 90 doctors and 200 nurses trained in diabetic foot care
  • 26 clinics strengthened to provide diabetic foot care, including provision of diagnostic equipment (monofilaments, doppler ultrasound, thermal printers) and basic exercise equipment for physical activity improvement
  • 50,000 educational materials / brochures produced on diabetes foot care
  • 46,200 patients screened for diabetic foot care
  • Related equipment procured and used

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