Current fundraiser

Current fundraiser
Empowering young people with diabetes in Kyrgyzstan

WDF’s 2020 fundraiser will improve health outcomes for children and youth with type 1 diabetes in the country.


Kyrgyzstan has made strides in treating type 1 diabetes in recent years. Yet children and youth with type 1 diabetes in this central Asian country still face barriers ranging from stigma to interruptions in essential supplies. To improve their health outcomes, WDF’s 2020 fundraiser project will address four key aspects of their care:

1)    Self-management
2)    Improved care
3)    Supportive school environments
4)    Advocacy

The project will target two of Kyrgyzstan’s eight regions and be managed by Childhood without Diabetes. It will take place over 24 months (2020-22).

Its targets are:

•    Improved health outcomes for children and youth with type 1 diabetes
•    At least 60 children and youth in selected districts increase diabetes self-management skills 
•    At least 60 family members increase diabetes knowledge and skills
•    At least 20 children and youth attend Summer DiaCamp 
•    Routine monitoring of T1DM improved and app-based communication between HCPs and families enabled.
•    At least 12 school staff trained, and medical cabinets stocked with relevant supplies
•    Public and government sensitised to rights and needs of young people with diabetes via training of 20 teens as agents of change and media coverage about project activities

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