The Global Diabetes Walk Toolbox contains all you need in order to organise a Walk, including free downloadble materials and great ideas on how to promote your Walk. Available for download in English, French and Spanish

Post the logos on your website and Facebook page,
with information about how to participate in your Walk. 
Add it to promotional material, such as caps and handouts. 

Download new posters - this year, in two different
colour versions, with space for your logo. Hang them as
 announcement posters, or print them to carry on Walk day. 

Download our new annoument posters - with space
foryour logo,and your Walk's time, date and location.
Hang them in clincs, community centers and public spaces. 

Download new printable banners - this year with space
for your logo and website, and logos for any co-sponsors
as well. Print in large size and carry on Walk day.

Here you will find two different T-shirt designs for 
your Walk event. This year’s t-shirts come in three
differentcolours: red, black and blue.

The '3 Steps for Change' brochure explains diabetes 
risk factors, healthy eating and the importance of
exercise in very simple terms. You can give it to MoH
officials, journalists, Walk participants, and anyone else
interested in learning more about diabetes.