Promote your Walk

How to secure efficient communication

1. Reach out to media channels. To advertise your Walk, reach out to local radio, newspapers and television. Contact your local media as early as possible, ask for their help in promoting your Walk, and invite them to attend your event.  
2. Use social media. Social media channels, such as Twitter and Facebook, offer great free communication platforms for promotion of your Walk. Get inspiration from the official Walk Facebook page and consider creating an online Facebook event for participants to attend. Consider adding the Walk logos and web banners to both your social media pages and website.
3. Use the Walk Toolbox. On our website you will find a Walk Toolbox with free, downloadable materials. Before the event day, use the Toolbox designs to print and hang announcement posters in clinics, offices and public areas. Consider printing banners, brochures, and t-shirts for your participants to carry on the day of the event.
4. Share photos and videos. Share some of your favourite Walk photos and videos on Twitter and Facebook using campaign hashtag, #GDW18 #WDD18. This will help promote your own event and may inspire others to get involved in the global movement.
5. Enjoy! With the planning and promotion in place, there is only one thing left to do: Enjoy your Walk! And feel great about the steps you are taking to prevent diabetes.