Organise your walk

Organise your walk

How to organise a Walk - 6 simple steps

  1. Decide on a location.  Consider a spot that is central and easily accessible. Many Walks begin in a town square, central plaza, or other well-known spot. Once you have found your location, make sure to investigate whether a permit is required. 

  2. Join forces. Reach out to local authorities, relevant spokespersons, leaders of diabetes associations and other potential partners. Partners can help you get the word out, provide good ideas, and contribute financing to your event. 

  3. Make a plan. Start by setting a route for your Walk. Consider how long the Walk will be, and where it will start and end. Think abou whether you want to print banners, posters or t-shirts to draw attention to your Walk. Do you want to arrange other activities before or after your Walk? Only your imagination is the limit. 

  4. Promote your Walk. Make sure to start your promotion early. See the Walk Toolbox for good ideas and free materials.

  5. Register your Walk. Once the essentials are in place, make sure to register your Walk on our website. This helps promote your Walk, and ensures that your Walk will be counted in this year's Walk campaign.

  6. Enjoy! With the planning and promotion in place, there is only one thing left to do: Enjoy your Walk! And feel great about the steps you are taking to prevent diabetes.