About the campaign

About the campaign

Why take steps? Because diabetes is a pandemic

Today, more than 425 million people have diabetes. By 2045, that could rise to 629 million. And 79% of people with diabetes live in low- and middle- income countries.
Yet there's something we all can do, no matter where we live. Regular exercise helps keep blood sugar levels stable, reduces the risk of developing chronic diseases, and improves well-being. 
Since 2004, more than 4 million people have joined our effort to raise awareness and encourage more people to take steps to prevent this devastating disease. Join us, as we take steps to prevent diabetes!
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Common questions

When did the The Global Diabetes Walk begin? The first Global Diabetes Walk was held in 2004.

Why 14 November? November 14 is World Diabetes Day (WDD). Each year, the International Diabetes Federation marks the day with a global campaign promoting diabetes awareness and advocacy. The Global Diabetes Walk is the WDF's contribution to this important campaign.

Can walks take place on other days? Yes. It is fine to organise a walk in the days before or after 14 November, if this suits your local needs.

Who can organise and participate? All are welcome to organise and participate in Global Diabetes Walks. The WDF particularly encourages its partners in developing countries to do so.

What if I'm planning other WDD events? That's great. Consider adding a Walk to your campaign - the Global Diabetes Walk supports and complements most World Diabetes Day activities. Learn more about the IDF's 2018 campaign.

How can WDF support my Walk?

  1. We can include your Walk on the new, interactive See Who's Walking map on WDF's website. 
    What you need to do: Register your event on the WDF website.
  2. We can send you the Global Diabetes Walk newsletter, and welcome you in our Walk community on social media. 
    What you need to do
    Subscribe to the Walk newsletter, follow the Walk Facebook page and WDF's Twitter page
  3. We can provide you with new banners, posters and t-shirt designs for 2018. These are available in three languages (English, Spanish, French), with space for your local information. 
    What you need to do:
     Download the designs, customise and print them.