Type 2 Diabetes Toolbox

Here you can find tools, guidelines and training materials related to type 2 diabetes

HCP Training

IDF Online Interactive Modules 2016

IDF: Int'l Curriculum for HCP Training

AACE: Clinical Practice Guidelines 2015

PAHO: Manual for Implementing Quality Care

WDF: Intro to Type 2 Diabetes 2016

Tanzania: NCD Training Manuals 2014 

Kenya: Diabetes Comprehensive Care Manuals 2010

Kenya: Diabetes Control Booklet 2012

Kenya: Permanent Register Form

Kenya: Monthly Reporting Tool

Kenya: Guide for Community Health Workers 2012

Uganda: Facilitator Guide 2012

Uganda: NCD Training Module 2014

Uganda: NCD Training Module 2014

US: First Aid for People with Diabetes 2014  

Africa: Integrated care 

Patient Education

Bhutan: Diabetes Self-Care, Pamphlet

Kenya: Diabetes Prevention. Pamphlet

Nigeria: Diabetes, Are You at Risk? Poster

Nigeria: Diabetes - Reduce Your Risk, Poster

Nigeria: Diabetes Warning Signs, Poster

UNRWA: Diabetes Awareness, Booklet (Arabic)

Philippines: Type 2 diabetes prevention, Pamphlet

US: Health Library



ADA/EASD: Guidelines 2018

ADA: Guideline for Primary Care 2015

IDF: Guideline for Type 2 Diabetes

IDF: Managing Older Diabetics 2014

IDF: Africa Clinical Guidelines

Keyna: Managing Clinical Guidelines 2010

South Africa: Type 2 Guideline 2012

IDF: Africa Guidelines (French)

IDF: Africa Guidelines (Portuguese)

IDF & DAR: Diabetes and Ramadan 2016

Kenya: Comprehensive Care Manual

Sudan: Clinical Practice Guidelines 2015

Portugal: Clinical Practice guidelines (Portuguese) 2014 

Kenya: National Diabetes Educators

Kenya: Clinical Guidelines

WDF Publications

Diabetes Outcomes LMICs 2015

China: Public Awareness of Diabetes 2012

China: Screening for Diabetes 2013

China: Health Related Quality of Life 2013

Palestine: Clinical Audit of Diabetes Care 2012

India: Prevention of Diabetes 2012

India: Training of Primary Care Physicians 2008

Sri Lanka: Capacity Building of Allied Health Workforce 2016

Malawi: Positive Voices 2016

Malawi: Working Together 2016

Sri Lanka: Capacity Building of Allied Health Workforce 2016

Cameroon: Distribution & Patterning of NCD Risk Factors 2016

India: Teachers Training DRCP 2017

Cameroon: Cross Sectional Study 2017

Argentina: Improving Quality of Care at primary Level 2017

Argentina: Improving Diabetes Care at Primary Level 2017

Georgia: Project Evaluation Report 2016


Literature Review

The Lancet Commission: DM in Sub-Saharan Africa 2017

Diabetes Diagnosis ánd Care in Africa 2016

Diabetes in Africa -  A Systematic Review 2011



Equipment for Type 2 Diabetes Clinics