A supportive family - Mr Ahjar

A supportive family - Mr Ahjar
Diabetes and tuberculosis
Mr Ahjar, 64, lives in Jakarta, Indonesia, with his wife, four children and two grandchildren.

In August 2017, Mr Ahjar visited the Utara Primary Health Centre due to severe coughing and weight loss. He was diagnosed with tuberculosis, diabetes and hypertension and put on immediate treatment for all three conditions.

Before his diagnosis, Mr Ahjar worked as a driver in a factory, but was forced to retire early when his health deteriorated. His oldest son is now the primary breadwinner, working as a mechanic, while Mrs Ahjar supplements the family's income with a small food shop she runs from their home.

Mr Ahjar's family is deeply supportive of him, accompanying him on weekly visits to the local health center for treatments. But the situation is difficult for him, they say, noting that he has become quieter and more introverted since his diagnosis.

The Utara Primary Health Centre was strengthened to help people like Mr Ahjar, who have both diabetes and TB, via the project WDF12-621.