September 2020
Developing a national diabetes strategy, rolling out a comprehensive diabetes eye care and prevention model to prevent diabetes and diabetic retinopathy across Armenia.
October 2020
To scale up a national level programme with a comprehensive approach to diabetes prevention and access for poor and vulnerable segments of the Palestinian population.
July 2020
Improving diabetes prevention and care for indigenous residents within the Health Policies framework of each country.
November 2020
Piloting integrated delivery of NCD services in primary health care facilities in three districts of Western Uganda.
August 2020
Building on previous projects to upgrade the quality of T1DM care in Rwanda and enhance the sustainability of results.
September 2020
Developing and rolling out a diabetes database system, training HCPs in diabetes and complications management and strengthening civil society.
January 2020
Supporting the national COVID-19 preparedness and response in Jordan with a focus on NCDs
May 2020
Supporting the national COVID-19 preparedness and response in Tanzania with focus NCDs, targeting Dar Es Salaam Region
September 2019
Advancing the implementation of the National NCD Prevention and Control Programme of the United Republic of Tanzania.