October 2020
A partnership with Piramal Swasthya and the National Health Mission in Assam to enhance NCD services at primary care level throughout the State of Assam.
October 2020
This project will enhance the national capacity for implementation of diabetes prevention and control among underserved populations in Argentina.
November 2020
Develop a lifestyle program on optimising gestational weight gain (GWG) to prevent the incidence of hyperglycaemia in pregnancy
October 2020
Tackling NCDs in Mozambique by ensuring provision of NCD services in time of COVID-19
October 2020
To reduce diabetes related morbidity and mortality by integrating and improving service provision during routine healthcare delivery at secondary and tertiary health facilities across all counties.
July 2020
To reduce the burden from NCDs in Jordan for refugee populations and vulnerable host communities, with an emphasis on diabetes and hypertension.
July 2019
Regional diabetic retinopathy screening, awareness raising and care programme in Peru.
October 2020
Training HCPs in screening, diagnosis and treatment of diabetic retinopathy, enhancing collaboration between diabetes and ophthalmology clinics and raising public awareness of and demand for diabetes
September 2020
Developing a national diabetes strategy, rolling out a comprehensive diabetes eye care and prevention model to prevent diabetes and diabetic retinopathy across Armenia.