July 2022
Ensuring a continuous supply of medicine to patients in Ethiopia by strengthening national supply chain competencies through educational programmes
February 2022
To support operationalisation of a systematic and comprehensive approach for diabetes management in four regions of Guinea
April 2022
To establish a comprehensive Master programme in paediatric endocrinology to improve care of children with diabetes and endocrine diseases in French-speaking African countries.
November 2021
To develop and strengthen comprehensive client-centred health services for GDM in the public health systems of Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra.
January 2021
To pilot decentralisation of standardised diabetes prevention and care at primary level in Masvingo Province
October 2021
Enhancing the management of TB-diabetes comorbidity through the roll-out of a first phase TB-diabetes collaborative service-delivery package.
July 2021
Piloting and scaling implementation of WHO NCD ‘Best Buys’ to improve the control of NCDs and prevent complications.
January 2021
Integrating and institutionalising type 1 diabetes care into health systems in six East African and two Middle Eastern countries based on existing WDF partnership frameworks.
South Africa
September 2021
Supporting the development and implementation of a school-based intervention programme to promote healthy diets and create an enabling environment for healthy eating in Alexandra and the Southern Cape