South Africa
September 2021
Supporting the development and implementation of a school-based intervention programme to promote healthy diets and create an enabling environment for healthy eating in Alexandra and the Southern Cape
June 2021
Reducing the burden of NCDs in Lebanon for refugee populations and vulnerable host communities, with emphasis on diabetes and hypertension
June 2021
Supporting vaccine roll-out for NCD patients among refugees and vulnerable host populations in Jordan
December 2021
To increase recognition and retention of AHCPs (paediatric nurses, dietitians and social workers) caring for children with diabetes by providing a formal certification, and hereby improve the quality
February 2021
To decentralise diabetes and hypertension care to all primary health facilities using the WHO PEN approach.
July 2020
To pilot a model for integration of prevention, screening and treatment of diabetes at primary level in rural Lesotho
February 2021
The initiative is to develop and implement an innovative financing model (social impact bonds) that enables the implementation of a community-owned set of diabetes prevention interventions targeting s
November 2020
To contribute to the reduction of morbidity and mortality related to diabetes and hypertension in the provinces of Kolda and Tambacounda by 2023 and promote healthy lifestyles in local communities.
October 2020
A partnership with Piramal Swasthya and the National Health Mission in Assam to enhance NCD services at primary care level throughout the State of Assam.