Diabetic retinopathy training and treatment WDF08-335

Diabetic retinopathy training and treatment WDF08-335

Diabetic retinopathy is one of the leading causes of blindness. This project will improve healthcare capacity in Indonesia to prevent the physical and socioeconomic burdens that come with diabetic retinopathy.

Objectives & approach

7 million people in Indonesia are living with diabetes, and this number is expected to increase in the next decades. The Indonesian healthcare system is currently ill-equipped to provide the necessary care for diabetic retinopathy.

This project will be implemented by Helen Keller International, in partnership with the University of Indonesia, the Rumah Sakit Cipto Magunkusumo Hospital, the Indonesian Ophthalmology Association, the Indonesian Society of Endocrinology, and the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center. This project will strengthen health care capacity by training health care professionals, raising awareness, developing a protocol for the referral of diabetes patients, and implementing mobile vision screening camps to serve the poorest and most underserved populations.

Expected results 
• 75 general practitioners trained
• 150 community nurses trained 
• 40 medical specialists trained 
• 30 eye health professionals trained 
• 125,000 people reached with IEC campaign 
• 3,000 people screened for diabetic retinopathy
• 375 people referred and treated for diabetic retinopathy

Project information

Project nr.: 
Project Status: 
Primary focus area: 
Western Pacific
Helen Keller International
Project responsible: 
J. M. Palmer
Project period: 
2009 to 2012
Project budget: 
USD 439.882
WDF contribution: 
USD 220.000

Expected results 

  • 75 general practitioners trained
  • 150 community nurses trained 
  • 40 medical specialists trained 
  • 30 eye health professionals trained 
  • 125,000 people reached with IEC campaign 
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