Gestational Diabetes Awareness & Screening, WDF14-877

This project will work to reduce the number of women with gestational diabetes (GDM), the complications from GDM and the future risk of diabetes type 2 for both the mother and the child.

Ahmedabad (population - 7,2 million) is a growing metro city and its residents are more at risk for the development of diabetes because of increasing access to modern amenities and adaptation of westernised lifestyle. One study (Himanshu et. al, 2011) found a 13.8% prevalence of type-2 diabetes in Ahmedabad.

Most women and healthcare workers who provide services to pregnant women are unaware/uninformed about GDM. Awareness of GDM is currently insufficient and universal screening of pregnant women for GDM has not yet been institutionalized.

With inspiration from the successful implementation of GDM projects in other parts of India and other countries, where antenatal women are being screened for GDM, this project has been developed to initiate a similar program for poor and underprivileged women in the state of Gujarat, India.


Build capacity and increase awareness on GDM in Ahmedabad district.


The project includes the following activities:

1-day train the trainer workshop for HCPs on GDM prevention, diagnosis and care.Trained HCPs to train their collegues and community workers (midwives, female health workers, ASHAs, lab technicians).

GDM screening and awareness:
To be integrated into mamta days (village health and nutrition days), which are organized monthly in specific places offering services for pregnant, lactating and reproductive age women, and for children under five.

Accredited Social Health Activists (ASHAs) will ensure timely participation of pregnant women (26-30th week of gestation).
All women attending mamta days will be sensitised on GDM. Women screened for GDM will be counselled and provided with education materials.
GDM cases will be counselled by doctor and referred to clinics.
All screened women will be followed up by ASHAs.
Follow up of women with GDM and data collection will be conducted within 6 weeks after delivery.


Expected results
    •    300 HCPs trained
    •    3,400 midwives, female health workers, ASHAs and lab techs trained by HCPs
    •    50,000 pregnant women screened and counselled on GDM
    •    10,000 (20%) women with GDM referred to specialist care
    •    300,000 women sensitized about GDM during mamta days

Project information

Project nr.: 
Project Status: 
Primary focus area: 
South East Asia
Address of head office: 
AMC MET Medical College
Project responsible: 
Dr Himanshu Nayak
Project start date: 
2014 to 2016
Project budget: 
USD 325,000
WDF contribution: 
USD 325,000

Expected results

300 HCPs trained

3,400 midwives, female health workers, ASHAs and lab techs trained by HCPs

50,000 pregnant women screened and counselled on GDM

10,000 (20%) women with GDM referred to specialist care

300,000 women sensitised about GDM during mamta days