Generación Vida Nueva Barranquilla, WDF15-955

This project will establish a programme for prevention, by the means of identification and assessment of risk, bioclinical evaluation and intervention to ensure metabolic control for 4.000 selected families.
The project is a consolidation and expansion of a former WDF project, namely WDF10-572, that had a specific focus on gestational diabetes where this project is focussing on broader diabetes prevention and basic care.
The experiences gained through the former project made it possible to understand the importance of involving all stakeholders from the planning stage and onwards, including the health service provider centres (PASOS y CAMINOS) and the public health insurers (EPS). Hence it will be possible to achieve an appropriate degree of comprehensive application and coordination among the various components of the healthcare system.
The project targets already registered high risk families with a history of diabetes (identified through an IDF sponsored clinical trial) or GDM (identified through WDF10-572). Furthermore the focus is to reach the low income segments of Barranquilla, which constitutes of more than 60 % of the population. The middle class will also benefit from the project, though to a lesser extend.
To reduce the risk of diabetes and its complications, a protocol for primary prevention will be developed. This is aimed at families, where there is a history of the disease, women who has been diagnosed with GDM and children who are overweight. Meetings with managers, of the public healthcare provider network in the city, is held, in order to implement the protocol in an efficient way.
The targeted families include mothers, who are diagnosed with GDM, family members living with such and family members living with individuals diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.
A protocol for screening, evaluation and intervention for high-risk persons and overweight and obese children will be developed. The implementation will be facilitated by the Barranquilla Mayor’s Office/Health Secretariat who has a database of contact details for each population group.
Identified families will receive screening and education, about diabetes management, through workshops conducted by the Fundación Vida Nueva in coordination with the Health Secretariat and the National Diabetes Federation.
Primary health care will be improved, including training of HCPs and CHWs through the revised and extended guidelines. Schools will also be included through training of teachers based on the new guidelines.
Expected results
6 awareness campaigns
30,000 pcs. awareness material
1,000 pcs. guide for management of GDM
300 educational kits
300 HCPs trained in standardized management
400 CHWs to seek out families
90 university teachers trained
100 primary school teachers trained
4,000 families to benefit from the project
2,000 children to benefit from the project

Project information

Project nr.: 
Project Status: 
Primary focus area: 
Address of head office: 
Alcaldia Distrital de Barranquilla
Project responsible: 
Humberto Rafael Mendoza Charris
Project start date: 
2015 to 2018
Project budget: 
USD 663,288
WDF contribution: 
USD 324,288
Expected results
6 awareness campaigns
4,000 families to benefit from the project
2,000 children to benefit from the project
300 HCPs trained in standardized management
400 CHWs to seek out families
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