Community awareness and screening of TB patients for diabetes, WDF15-953

People infected with TB in six provinces of Burundi will benefit from this project, which aims to raise awareness about TB and diabetes co-morbidity and build health system capacity for improved diabetes care.


This project aims to raise awareness of diabetes in people with tuberculosis, in order to reduce mortality and morbidity, while improving prevention, early detection and the quality of care for people with diabetes and tuberculosis in Burundi.

The project targets tubercular and diabetic patients in six Burundi hospitals, including the reference healthcare centres in the provinces of Bujumbura, Bujumbura Mairie, Kayanza, Ngozi, Bururi and Muramvya.


The project partner, 'Alliance Burundaise Pour la Lutte Contre la Turberculosis et la Lepre' (ABTL), is a local NGO established to improve health care of people withTB and leprosy.


ABTL works together with the Ministry of Health, the Diabetes Association of Burundi, 'Centre de Lutte Contre le Diabetes au Burundi' (Celucodia), as well as local churches and these programmes; MoH Integrated National Programme for the Fight against Chronic and Non-Transmissible Diseases (PNILCMNT) and The Integrated National Leprosy and Tuberculosis Programme (PNILT).


In the preparation phase, a project coordination group for development of guidelines and a training programme will be established. Training includes a 5-day training of 60 HCPs in TB and diabetes management, using the Training of Trainers (ToTs) model. Referral networks will be established.


Other project activities include:

Capacity building:

ToTs conduct a 3-day training, including a refresher training, in diabetes detection and management to 70 health care professionals (HCPs) working with TB and diabetes in six districts.


600 DOT clinic workers in 60 health care centres will be trained in screening and referral of diabetes patients.


Representatives of medical suppliers and patient associations will also be trained.


Service delivery:

A free universal screening will be organised. TB patients will be screened for diabetes and diabetes patients screened for TB through sputum tests. Referral for follow-up will be made to already established diabetes centres.


Patients trained via the TB programme will be informed about diabetes co-morbidity and be provided with guidelines, patient counselling and follow-up.


Awareness of diabetes will be raised among TB patients to increase detection rates for DM and vice versa.


A media campaign will be rolled out and awareness materials such as posters, billboards and video projections about TB and diabetes co-infection distributed in communities.



Expected results

  • 60 HCP (ToTs) trained in TB and diabetes management
  • 70 provincial level HCPs trained in diagnosis and management of diabetes and DM and TB co-infection
  • 600 DOT clinic workers in 60 health care centres trained in diabetes screening and co-morbidity and referral of diabetes patients to existing diabetes clinics
  • 2,500 people with TB screened for diabetes
  • Increased awareness for 1500 people at risk
  • 6,500 people with diabetes screened for TB and 312 people with diabetes diagnosed with TB
  • Monitoring mechanisms for treatment indicators established

Project information

Project nr.: 
Project Status: 
Interventions and focus areas: 
Primary focus area: 
The Burundian Alliance against Tuberculosis and Leprosy (ABTL)
Project responsible: 
Ndayimirije Ficard
Project period: 
2016 to 2018
Project budget: 
USD 421.485
WDF contribution: 
USD 198.065

Results at completion:

  • 30 doctors trained
  • 30 nurses trained
  • 6500 people reached through awareness & screening camps
  • 3504  people sensitised, screened and treated through established clinics
  • 213 people with TB screened for diabetes

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