Sierra Leone
April 2020
The project builds on successfully completed WDF16-1375 and seeks to address the gaps encountered, such as follow-up of HIP, and to test the approach in a rural setting.
January 2020
Establishing an integrated diabetes care model at primary level in rural health centres in Punjab, Pakistan to improve access to care.
January 2019
Piloting a primary care and community level approach for early detection and management of diabetes and hypertension in two provinces.
Papua New Guinea
December 2016
To implement a comprehensive tuberculosis and diabetes capacity building programme in one province of Papua New Guinea (PNG)
January 2017
To develop an integrated care system to improve the quality of Type 1 diabetes (T1DM) management in the state of Gujarat
January 2017
To minimize the disease burden of diabetes among the rural and urban poor and save their lives from diabetes and diabetic foot complications
Phnom Penh
January 2017
The project seeks to strengthen care of TB and diabetes incl. diabetes foot care in public health system in seven districts of Cambodia.
July 2016
To improve diabetic foot care at primary level in 15 states of Sudan.
February 2017
To strengthen foot care services for diabetes patients and implement screening and management of hyperglycaemia in pregnancy (HIP) in Port-au-Prince, Haiti