São Luís -
October 2018
Implementing comprehensive care for diabetes, hypertension and hyperglycaemia in pregnancy, with emphasis on capacity building at primary care level.
April 2017
To improve diabetes care and prevention of complications from diabetes through roll out of large-scale patient education programmes
Saint Lucia
May 2017
To promote primary prevention of childhood obesity in the Caribbean region through pilot model implementation of a ‘whole-of-community’ approach in two small islands states (St. Lucia and Granada)
Tepeji del Río HID
February 2017
To improve diabetes care and secondary prevention in urban settings of Hidalgo State through capacity building at primary health care level
Burkina Faso
October 2019
This project aims to improve access to care and treatment of diabetic patients in Burkina Faso by reducing diabetes complications, raising awareness and providing information to the population.
July 2019
Scaling up a community health model for diabetes care in collaboration with regional authorities and MoH, with special focus on the elderly.
June 2019
Piloting integration of a primary health care level eye care model within implementation of WHO-PEN model
January 2016
The project seeks to prevent type 2 diabetes through implementation of an evidence-informed community-based programme for lifestyle change.
Ivory Coast
May 2019
This project aims to develop screening and management of gestational diabetes in Ivory Coast and contribute to the reduction of maternal, fetal and neonatal morbidity and mortality related to gestatio