The project was wonderful – Kathleen Sedante
Hyperglycaemia in pregnancy
A screening at her local health centre in the Philippines revealed that Kathleen Sedante had gestational diabetes. She describes what happened next.
Kathleen Sedante with her children.

I left Dr Yao’s clinic at Pasig City General Hospital feeling anxious about being tested positive for GDM. This was my sixth pregnancy and I was concerned about having complications. In the past, I also had high-risk pregnancies, but I simply went to a hospital for a check-up. I gave birth without much difficulty. This time, it could be a different story.

I joined the Accessing GDM Care Project. I learned from the nutritionist about the right diet. The nurse taught me how to monitor my blood sugar level at home. The project gave me access to free glucometer strips and lent me a glucometer. I was also advised to do moderate exercises.

My family learnt about my condition. I told them about the consequences if I did not do something about it. They encouraged me to eat fruits and vegetables which they did as well. Since I was not allowed sweets and soft drinks, they either reduced or altogether stopped their consumption of such foods. 

They even stopped selling soft drinks in our sari-sari store so I would not be tempted to take one for myself. My husband joined me in my 30-minute walks in the morning and the afternoon. With the family fully cooperating with me, I no longer felt alone in looking after my health and my baby’s.

My baby was born healthy. I was scared at the start, thinking I might have diabetes even after my pregnancy but my postpartum OGTT results were normal.

The project was wonderful. I received expert advice and explanations from doctors and health workers throughout my pregnancy. Health workers monitored if I was complying with the protocol. It also helped me a lot that the cost of services was reduced. I believe the GDM Project benefits babies and mothers, not only during pregnancy but even beyond childbirth.

Kathleen was one of thousands of women who benefitted from the project Accessing Gestational Diabetes Care, WDF16-1349.

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