Prevention resources: proceedings from the Steno Roundtable

Prevention resources: proceedings from the Steno Roundtable
Conclusions and presentations from the Steno Roundtable Discussion on Primary Prevention of Diabetes in Gentofte, Denmark in August, 2015.

On August 27 and 28, 16 global experts on primary prevention and behavioural change gathered in Gentofte, Denmark, to discuss an urgent question: what strategies for preventing diabetes work in the developing world? 

Agenda for Steno Roundtable

Conclusions from Steno Roundtable

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Robb Butler:

Tackling vaccine hesitancy through behavioural insight and tailoring of immunization services

Jens Aagaard-Hansen:

Move, Eat, Learn - using cross-cultural dialogue as a driver for health promotion

Flemming Konradsen:

Lessons learned from hygiene promotion among children in LMICs

Shane Norris:

Adolescent (youth) friendly health services programme in South Africa and our evaluation thereof

Roosmarjin Verstraeten:

Can school-based health promotion interventions prevent childhood obesity in LMICs?

Bjarne Bruun Jensen:

Young people as catalysts of healthy change - involving the local community in health promotion interventions

Everold Hosein:

Communication for behavioural impact in health: Cambodia and Vietnam successes

Venkat Narayan:

Prevention of adult obesity & type 2 diabetes in LMICs - the glass is half full and half empty

Brian Oldenburg:

Influencing changes in dietary behaviours and physical activity in developing countries: What do we know that works?

Peter Schwartz:

Diabetes prevention in practice - lessons learned from/for implementation

Helle Therkildsen:

Health literacy as guide for prevention of diabetes

Jakob Sloth Yigen Madsen:

WDF Primary Prevention – A Programmatic Approach to Behavioural Impact