Mike Rulis, Member of the Board

Mike Rulis is Senior Vice President of Communication, Relations & Sustainability at Novo Nordisk A/S, based in Copenhagen, Denmark. He joined Novo Industri A/S in 1984 as a writer for the company’s employee magazine and since he held different managerial roles with increasing responsibilities within the company.
In 1990 he was expatriated to the USA to establish a corporate communications function for Novo Nordisk of North America Inc. in New York. Back in Denmark, he served as Director of external communication for Novo Nordisk A/S in 1992, and worked in this capacity until 1996 when he was appointed Executive Assistant to Lars Rebien Sørensen, former President & CEO of Novo Nordisk.
In 2000 he was appointed Corporate Vice President of Corporate Communications. In 2014 he was promoted Senior Vice President of Corporate Communications, and in 2016 he took on additional responsibility for the company’s work on sustainable development, government relations and patient relations.In September 2016 he was elected President of the Novo Nordisk Haemophilia Foundation Council.
Mike Rulis holds an MA in Danish language & literature from The University of Copenhagen and a BSc in physical education, also from the University of Copenhagen.
He is a Danish national, born 9 April 1957.