30. Jun 2017

WDF supports 26 new projects in first half of 2017

Gwendolyn Carleton
The projects, which stretch from Afghanistan to Vietnam, will improve diabetes health care capacity and care around the globe.
Itzapalapa district, Mexico City
Health care provider working in a WDF-funded diistrict level diabetes programme in Itzapalapa district, Mexico City

Below is a list of the new partnership projects that received WDF funding in the first six months of 2017. (Several advocacy projects also received funding in the first half of the year; these are not listed.)  

Links to project descriptions will be added as they become available.

New projects signed in first half of 2017

Afghanistan WDF16-1365 Strengthening diabetes efforts in Herat
Armenia WDF16-1353 Preventing blindness from diabetic retinopathy
China WDF16-1275 National health education on diabetes
China WDF16-1351 NingXia diabetes primary care project
Gambia WDF16-1368 DM/HTN education, prevention and management
India/Tripura WDF16-1350 Community-led programme to prevent diabetes
India/West Bengal WDF16-1363 Preventing DM among disadvantaged people
Jordan WDF16-1374 Healthy community clinic
Kenya WDF16-1344 Expanding national diabetes comprehensive care II
Kenya WDF16-1267 Action for diabetes
Mexico WDF16-1376 State Diabetes Programme Hidalgo Pilot Phase 2
Mexico WDF15-1307 Education programme for diabetes associations
Moldova WDF16-1412 Strengthening diabetes prevention and care
Myanmar WDF15-1286 Expand access to primary health care for NCDs
Nepal WDF16-1432 School based diabetes prevention
Nepal WDF16-1380 Integrated diabetic retinopathy care
Nigeria WDF16-1347 Prevention and control of GDM, Niger Delta 
Nigeria WDF16-1354 Diabetes prevention project, Abuja (Federal Capital)
Peru WDF15-1311 Diabetic Foot: Care Networks
Philippines WDF16-1349 Accessing gestational diabetes care
Rwanda WDF15-1232 National diabetes prevention and control programme
Sierra Leone WDF16-1375 Integrating GDM screening with ante-natal care
South Africa WDF16-1428 Agents for Change Outreach Project
St Lucia / Grenada WDF15-1306 Reversing the rise in childhood obesity
Tunesia WDF15-1246 mHealth for strengthening national diabetes prevention and control
Vietnam WDF16-1420 Nationwide diabetes foot and eye care programme