07. Dec 2017

WDF partner awards go to Uzbekistan and Yemen

Gwendolyn Carleton
Mrs Nilufar Ibragimova wins WDF’s first partner award for her success in building an efficient diabetes care network in Uzbekistan, and Dr Abdullah Almatary wins the special recognition award for his extraordinary efforts in Yemen.
Mrs. Nilufar Ibragimova, centre, with the WDF Board of Directors.
Mrs. Nilufar Ibragimova, centre, with the WDF Board of Directors.
On 3 December, WDF’s Board of Directors awarded its first partner award to Mrs Nilufar Ibragimova from the Charity Union of Disabled Persons and Diabetics (UMID) in Uzbekistan.
Mrs Ibragimova’s partnership with the WDF began in 2007, with a project focused on Prevention of blindness in people with diabetes (WDF07-232). This was followed by Prevention of amputations (WDF08-379), and Prevention of diabetes in rural population of Uzbekistan (WDF13-770) and most recently Prevention and monitoring of GDM in Uzbekistan (WDF16-1371). 
Together, the projects have built an efficient diabetes care network within the public health care system in Uzbekistan, which has been struggling with fast-growing rates of serious diabetes complications.
“One of the main strengths of the approach in Uzbekistan has been the partner’s ability to both strengthen basic diabetes prevention and care at the rural, primary level as well as build specialised capacity at secondary level in each region,” Dr Anil Kapur, WDF Board Chairman, said during the award ceremony. “Each of the projects has capitalised on the previous one, and lessons learned have been used to leverage the outcomes of the next project.”
Each project has been developed and implemented in close collaboration with Uzbekistan’s Ministry of Health, which has shown commitment to sustaining the outcomes of the projects, he added. 
“For the first time, the WDF Board has decided to recognize project partners and the great work they’re doing. Nilifur, this first award goes to you for your 15 years of hard work and successful, sustainable results in Uzbekistan.”
Remarkable dedication
A special recognition award was granted to Dr Abdullah Almatary, Director of Aden Diabetes Centre in Yemen. 
Dr Almatary’s partnership with the WDF began in 2011 with Diabetes care and prevention center (WDF11-627), and established two clinics in Aden where no diabetes care was available previously. Dr Almatary managed to restart the final activities of this project after the outbreak of the civil war despite being forced to flee from his home and other serious challenges
“Since the start of our collaboration, Dr Almatary has demonstrated an outstanding degree of dedication to continuing his work for the benefit of people living with diabetes in Yemen. Dr Almatary has managed to continue the WDF-supported work with remarkable success. This includes a situation with shortage of medicine and electricity and a growing number of internally displaced, traumatised people,” Dr Kapur said.
After completing WDF11-627, Dr Almatary applied for another grant with which he has established a foot clinic in Aden Diabetes Centre that builds on the previous project’s accomplishments. 
“You have been a beacon of hope for people with diabetes in Yemen,” Dr Kapur said.
The award was presented to Dr Almatary in absentia, as he was unable to attend the ceremony due to the ongoing unrest in his home country.
The WDF Partner Award was established to recognise outstanding WDF partners for their efforts and accomplishments on behalf of people with diabetes. The award will be granted bi-annually.