20. Dec 2019

WDF funds 17 new projects in 2019

WDF funds 17 new projects in 2019

Gwendolyn Carleton
New projects in every region around the globe are working to improve diabetes prevention and care for local populations.
Barranquilla residents (shown above) have benefitted from the Vida Nueva programme for years – a new project funded in 2019 will extend its benefits to thousands more. Photo by Jesper Westley

WDF signed contracts funding a total of 17 new projects around the world in 2019. Four of them were announced in June, and the remaining 13 are listed below.

The projects illustrate the global scope of the WDF’s partnerships, taking place in all regions and covering a wide variety of focus areas.

New projects signed in 2019

Brazil    WDF18-1592 Strategic support for Brazilian diabetes associations, Brazil
Brazil WDF15-1309 Comprehensive care in the control of diabetes and hypertension to reduce maternal mortality
Burkina Faso WDF18-1655 Improving diabetes prevention and care in Burkina Faso
Cambodia WDF17-1504 Cambodia project for early detection and management of diabetes in primary care
Colombia WDF18-1617 Generacíon Vida Nueva: Gestational diabetes in Colombian Caribbean, Phase 3
India WDF17-1466 Prevention and management of diabetes and hypertension in Indian villages
Malawi  WDF18-1588  Integrating diabetes and hypertension control in the NCD platform
Myanmar WDF18-1634 Increasing access to DR services in Rural Myanmar
Samoa WDF17-1465 1Touch MoH transformation program to tackle diabetes and NCDs
St Lucia WDF18-1586     Diabetes in Disasters in Eastern Caribbean Island States
Thailand WDF18-1632 Empowering health care professionals in NCD clinics to improve diabetes management, Thailand
Turkey     WDF18-1587   Diabetes education cascade programme, Turkey
Uganda     WDF17-1494 Strategic media engagement for NCDs advocacy, East-Africa


In addition to the above, WDF18-1590, WDF18-1589, WDF18-1619 and WDF18-1636 were also signed in 2019, and announced in June.


An additional project, WDF15-1309, was added post-publication, and the headline and text were updated accordingly.