19. Dec 2017

WDF funds 16 new projects in second half of 2017

Gwendolyn Carleton
The newest projects will improve the prevention and care of diabetes across Africa and Asia, with several focused on Cameroon.
Staff from a clinic for children with type 1 diabetes in Cameroon, where WDF has launched a series of new projects.

Below is a list of the new partnership projects that received WDF funding in the second six months of 2017. (Several advocacy projects also received funding in the second half of the year; these are not listed.)  

Links to project descriptions will be added as they become available.

New projects signed in second half of 2017

Bangladesh WDF15-962 Community-based Detection and Surveillance of Gestational Diabetes
Cameroon WDF16-1436 Strengthening Diagnosis, Management and Surveillance of
Diabetes and Hypertension in CBC Health Services
Cameroon WDF16-1437 Nurses led Rural Diabetes Prevention and Management
Cameroon WDF16-1429 Implementation of Cameroon National Diabetes Prog.
Cameroon WDF16-1434 Dietary intervention in Cameroon schools
China WDF16-1442 Tiered Diabetes Management and Referral Model in Rural China
Dom. Rep WDF16-1422 Improved Prevention and Care of Diabetes and Hypertension
G. Conakry WDF17-1446 Improving referral and access to diabetes care in Guinea
India WDF16-1445 Preventing diabetes related adverse consequences of pregnancies
Indonesia WDF15-1278 Diabetes education and awareness programme
Laos WDF16-1419 Increasing public sector capacity for diabetes management in Laos
Lebanon WDF16-1431 Managing diabetes for older people
Nepal WDF15-1441 Diabetes prevention and management by lay health workers in Nepal
Nigeria WDF15-1364 Diabetes foot care / podiatry Nigeria
Palestine WDF16-1304 Palestine national diabetes programme
Surinam WDF16-1382 Combatting Diabetes in rural Suriname