23. Dec 2020

WDF funds 11 new projects in the second half of 2020

WDF funds 11 new projects in the second half of 2020

Zuzanna Dzialowska
Type 2 diabetes and diabetes eye care are among the focus areas of projects signed since June.
A Mongolian woman undergoing an eye examination. A new WDF-funded project will extend diabetic retinopathy services across the country.

WDF funded a total of 11 new projects in the second half of 2020, many in Africa but also spanning the rest of the world.

Several of the new projects build on previous projects, for example by extending Armenia’s national diabetes strategy and improving access to diabetes care and prevention in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. In Mozambique, a new project aims to ensure that the results obtained during the first phase are not eroded because of the current COVID-19 emergency. Two more projects, in Mongolia and Uganda, are working with different NCD management models.

The remaining projects aim to strengthen civil society, develop a diabetes database system and reduce diabetes-related morbidity and mortality. 

New projects signed in the second half of 2020



Diabetes Epidemics: a comprehensive approach for prevention and management for vulnerable populations in Argentina
Armenia WDF20-1742
National Diabetes Mellitus Strategy and Diabetic Blindness Prevention, Armenia
India WDF20-1772
Strengthening diabetes and hypertension services in Assam
Liberia  WDF20-1743
Integrating Routine Diabetes Service Provision Across Healthcare Facilities in Liberia
Mongolia WDF18-1639
Mongolian national model of diabetes and DR care, Mongolia
Mozambique WDF20-1794
Ensuring Provision of NCD Services in Time of COVID-19
Rwanda  WDF20-1740
Sustainable care for youth living with T1DM in Rwanda
Senegal WDF20-1748
Décentralisation de la prévention et de la prise en charge du Diabète au Sénégal
Togo WDF19-1718
Combattre le diabète et ses complications au Togo
Uganda WDF19-1721
Integrated Non-Communicable Disease Management at Primary Health Care Level in Western Uganda
West Bank and Gaza Strip WDF20-1767
Palestine National Diabetes Program (Phase 2)