23. Sep 2015

WDF announces changes to its Board of Directors

Gwendolyn Carleton
Jakob Riis replaces Lars Rebien Sørensen on World Diabetes Foundation Board.
GENTOFTE, DENMARK – Jakob Riis, PhD, Novo Nordisk A/S executive vice president, China, Pacific & Marketing, has been elected to the World Diabetes Foundation Board. 
Mr Riis takes over from Lars Rebien Sørensen, who is stepping down after 13 years of dedicated work on behalf of people with diabetes in developing countries. 
Mr Riis earned an MSc in Forestry from the Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University, Denmark, in 1992, and a PhD from the same institution in 1998.
He joined Novo Nordisk in 1996 as a health economist. From 2001 through 2005, Mr Riis worked first in the US sales force and then as head of marketing in Japan before returning to Denmark to lead the company’s International Marketing organisation. In November 2014 he took over the responsibilities for Corporate Stakeholder Engagement in Novo Nordisk.
Mr Sørensen is president and CEO of Novo Nordisk A/S. He was appointed president and chief executive officer in November 2000. His concerns about how to ensure access to diabetes care in the world’s poorest countries led to the creation of a long-term strategy which included the establishment of the WDF in 2002. 
Mr Sørensen was a founding member of the WDF Board. During his tenure, the Foundation provided USD 109.7 million in funding to 398 partnership projects in 112 countries. The total value of the WDF project portfolio reached USD 325.6 million, with additional funding dedicated to WDF’s own advocacy and strategic platforms. 
WDF in brief
The World Diabetes Foundation is an independent trust dedicated to the prevention and treatment of diabetes in the developing world.
Its aim is to alleviate human suffering related to diabetes and its complications among those least able to withstand the burden of the disease. The Foundation supports sustainable partnerships and acts as a catalyst to help others do more. 
World Diabetes Foundation partnership projects focus on awareness, education and capacity building at the local, regional and global level. For every dollar spent, the Foundation is able to raise approximately 2 dollars in cash or as in-kind donations from other sources.
For more information, please visit www.worlddiabetesfoundation.org

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