02. Oct 2023

The Global Diabetes Walk campaign is here!

The Global Diabetes Walk campaign is here!

Effie Voursouki
We are 50 days away from World Diabetes Day (14 November). We look forward to bringing as many people as possible to celebrate it in November, recognised as Diabetes Awareness Month!
Global Diabetes Walk organised by Kelvin Oluchai Diabetes Foundation.

2022 has been a year of adjustment for the Global Diabetes Walk team, like any other event organiser worldwide. We had to adapt to the unexpected challenges and restrictions posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

It is why we established and launched a new programme for our Walk Ambassadors. And just as our team envisioned, the new format became very successful globally.

It connects experienced Walk organisers – organisations or individuals – with new or less experienced ones who get support, guidance and inspiration from the ‘seniors’. There is power in this shared purpose and unity!

Anyone can join the more extensive Walks organised locally to raise awareness for diabetes. You can search for Walks taking place close to your area by searching on this Walk map.

This year, the number of Ambassadors expressing interest to celebrate World Diabetes Day exceeded our expectations. So far, 54 walks have been registered in 30 countries worldwide, ranging from Haiti and Benin to Bosnia, Hercegovina and Uzbekistan.

More than 30 of the registered walks are organised by Walk Ambassadors, and they all look forward to supporting anyone who wishes to receive guidance in planning their event.

Anthea Usher, one of the recurring Walk organisers and a subject of our 2021 Walk story, is debuting as a Walk Ambassador in 2023.

"My awareness campaigns focus on getting society to understand that diabetes is not easy to live with and that there are so many people who live with diabetes who cannot afford the healthcare that they need", explains Anthea and adds, "The campaign aims to stop the discrimination against people who live with diabetes, whether it is related to healthcare or just the general attitude that this disease is self-inflicted".

Anthea is walking in memory of her daughter, Caylee, who passed away in March 2018. Her walk will have 60 participants and take place on 11 November in Cape Town, South Africa.

Klinicare Pharmacies Global Diabetes Walk organised in South Africa.

Klinicare Pharmacies and ZSports Events organised a Global Diabetes Walk in South Africa last year.

Among some other 2023 Ambassadors are —

  • Fit And Healthy Generation Kenya will walk on 9 November in Nairobi, Kenya. One hundred people will join their walk.  
  • Asociación de Diabetes will walk 3 km in Lima, Peru, on 12 November. Five hundred people will be walking with them. 
  • British Virgin Islands Diabetes Association will walk in Road Town, Tortola, on 14 November. One hundred people will join them. 
  • Association of Diabetics Brcko District BiH, from Bosnia and Herzegovina, will walk 100 people on 14 November. Their walk will take place in the Brcko district.

Find more about the 2023 ambassadors here.

For inspiration and tools about organising and joining the 2023 Global Diabetes Walk campaign, visit:  

Together, we can help make a difference in the fight against diabetes and positively impact our health and the health of others. Let’s all be part of the solution and arrange a walk today!

For more information, contact our Global Diabetes Walk Campaign Manager, Effie Voursouki, at efvr@worlddiabetesfoundation.org.