13. Dec 2017

2017 Walk reaches 1 million

Anna Knauer Elley
The 2017 Global Diabetes Walk reaches a new milestone, with more than 1,090,000 participants spread across 2,000 Walk events in 80 countries.
A great moment caught at Mbarara Center for Sports and Health Promotion’s Walk event in Masha, Uganda
The 2017 Global Diabetes Walk surpassed expectations, broke records and reached a new milestone in terms of participants. 182 Walk organisers registered a total of 2,143 Walks in 82 countries – and an impressive 1,093,764 people participated. Not only were steps taken, but the message behind those steps was clear: Take steps to prevent diabetes. 
Thanks to everyone who made this 13th Global Diabetes Walk a success. If you organised a Walk, but still haven’t registered – or need to update your Walk registration please send us an email (akey@worlddiabetesfoundation.org).
Walks in Africa
612 Walks were held with more than 70,050 participants in 21 countries (Benin, Burundi, Cameroon, Congo (Kinshasa), Ethiopia, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Madagascar, Niger, Nigeria, Seychelles, Sierra Leone, Somalia, South Africa, Sudan, Tanzania, Togo, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe). The biggest Walks took place in Ethiopia, with 20,000 participants spread across 4 massive Walk events organised by Ethiopian Diabetes Association– a continuing supporter of the Walk campaign. 
Walks in Europe
57 Walks were held with 120,090 participants in 18 countries (Armenia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Georgia, Greece, Italy, Kosovo, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Serbia, Spain, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom, and Uzbekistan). The biggest Walks took place in Armenia, with 12 Walks and 100,000 participants organised by Armenian Red Cross Society - it is the largest number of participants mobilised by one organiser in Europe to date.
Walks in Middle East and North Africa
87 Walks were held with 55,150 participants in 10 countries (Afghanistan, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Oman, Pakistan, Qatar, United Arab Emirates and Yemen). The biggest Walk event took place in United Arab Emirates with more than 15,000 participants organised by Landmark Groups – the Walk event is part of a yearly campaign named, ‘Beat Diabetes’. 
Walks in North America and Caribbean
37 Walks were held with 5,380 participants in 6 countries (Antigua and Barbuda, Jamaica, Mexico, St Lucia, Trinidad and Tobago and United States). The biggest Walks took place in St Lucia, where St. Lucia Diabetes and Hypertension Association organised three Walks with 1,800 participants.  
Walks in South and Central America 
58 Walks were held with 37,300 participants in 12 countries (Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Guyana, Nicaragua, Peru, and Uruguay). The biggest Walk took place in Brazil, where Raimundo Sotero de Menezes Filho organised a massive Walk event with 10,000 participants.  
Walks in South East Asia
1,261 Walks were held with 794,974 participants in 5 countries (India, Bangladesh, Mauritius, Nepal and Sri Lanka). The biggest Walks took place in India with an impressive 400,000 participants spread across 936 Walk events organised by Jain Hospital – making Jain Hospital the biggest Walk organiser in the history of the campaign. This year, new records were also set in Bangladesh, as Diabetic Association of Bangladesh and Novo Nordisk organised 150 rallies across Bangladesh gathering more than 150,000 participants. 
Walks in Western Pacific
31 Walks were held with 10,820 participants in 9 countries (China, Cambodia, Fiji, Indonesia, Marshall Islands, Micronesia, Vietnam, Samoa and the Philippines). The biggest Walk took place in Fiji, where Diabetes Fiji Inc organised a Walk with more than 3,000 participants. 
Questions, comments, need to update your registration? Please contact Anna Knauer Elley