I wish I knew this 20 years ago – James Bangizi

I wish I knew this 20 years ago – James Bangizi
Type 2 diabetes
Mr James Bangizi is the head teacher of Itegyero Primary school  in Uganda’s Isingiro district.


After he was diagnosed with diabetes in 2010, his weight and blood sugar remained high. Then the Diabetes Prevention through Schools project arrived, and everything changed.


After learning about the importance of diet and exercise for controlling his diabetes, he began eating more vegetables and walking several kilometres every day. He also led a series of changes at the school, barring the canteen from selling junk food and starting a school garden to teach his pupils and supply the canteen with fresh produce. In 2017, the school organised a ‘Fruits Party” for students and parents - replacing meat, fried rice, and sodas with fresh fruit.


“I wish I knew this information 20 years ago,” he says.


Mr Bangizi and his school learned about diabetes via the Diabetes Prevention through School Programme WDF13-819