I need to take care of myself - Juan Carlos

I need to take care of myself - Juan Carlos
Diabetes foot care
Juan Carlos first noticed his increasing thirst in 2015.

But what worried him was the wound on his foot that would not heal. Finally, when he couldn’t stand long enough to work at his local food store, he went to hospital seeking help.

“I was diagnosed with diabetes – that was the first time I’d heard of the disease,” he says. “I had to have surgery but, after I left the hospital, more ulcers kept coming. A new one, under my left toe, was bigger and deeper than ever.”

But Juan Carlos was lucky – with the help of his local clinic's doctor, nurse and nutritionist, all of whom were trained through the Basic units for diabetes care in Peru (CUIDATE) project, his foot is healing and he’s learning how to prevent new diabetes complications.

“The doctor is giving me really good treatment – I’m very happy,” Juan Carlos says. “He’s told me I need to take care of myself, so now I’m eating more vegetables and soup. I feel so much better than I did three months ago."

The CUIDATE project was funded through the WDF fundraiser project WDF-F15-031.