Global Diabetes Walk 2020

The Walk is on! In 2020, we are taking steps alone and in smaller groups to stay healthy and raise diabetes awareness worldwide.

Since 2004, more than 5 million people have joined WDF’s campaign on World Diabetes Day. They have walked through villages, suburbs and metropolises worldwide, spreading awareness about diabetes prevention and care.

This year, we will be walking all November to mark World Diabetes Day on Nov 14. You design your very own Walk - just remember to follow local guidelines, and stay safe.

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Photo Courtesy of: Imperial College London Diabetes Centre, United Arab Emirates.

About the campaign

Why take steps? Because diabetes is a pandemic

Today, more than 463 million people have diabetes. By 2030, that could rise to 578 million. Most live with type 2 diabetes, which is preventable in many cases. Four out of five people with diabetes live in low- and middle- income countries. 

The Global Diabetes Walk is WDF's contribution to the IDF’s annual World Diabetes Day campaign. 

  1. What is it? It’s a Walk designed by you, based on the regulations and conditions where you live. Walk alone or together, at home or in public spaces. You decide – then, inspire others by sharing your plans, and results. 

  2. When is it? November 2020 

  3. Why should I Walk? When you Walk, you take care of yourself, and spread awareness about the importance of diabetes prevention and care. 

  4. How do I participate? First, visit the Global Diabetes toolbox for inspiration. Once you have a plan, register to join the campaign.

  5. Can I share my experience? Yes! Join the Walk conversation on Facebook and subscribe to the Walk newsletter. After you Walk in November, add a photo or comment to the Walk registration page.  Materials are available both for printing and for sharing online on social media.

  6. Is there more I can do? Yes! In the Walk Resources section you’ll find interesting materials to read yourself, and share with friends.

How to organise a Walk

  • Design your Walk. Will you walk at home or in public? Alone or with others? See the Walk Toolbox for ideas. Then choose your distance – short, medium or long.

  • Be safe and compliant. Be sure to follow local rules and alert authorities if relevant.

  • Seek partners. 

    1. Individual walkers - think about whether anyone would like to join you. If local regulations allow, organise small Walks together. If not, consider walking at the same time – apart.

    2. WDF partners and organisations - think about how to motivate your community to Walk. Reach out to relevant spokespersons, leaders of diabetes associations and others who can help you get the word out, provide good ideas, and contribute financing for your plan.

  • Register your Walk. Early registration is more important than ever in 2020 – your commitment will inspire others to participate. This registration is not binding - just let us know what you have in mind. After your Walk, you can change your registration and add pictures or comments about your experience.

  • Read, learn, and share.  See our Resources section for information about diabetes, exercise, COVID-19 and NCDs, and more. You will also find social media friendly images and graphics. 


See below for information about diabetes, exercise, COVID-19 and NCDs, and more. You will also find social media friendly images and graphics. 


Download free announcements, posters, banners, t-shirt designs and logos to draw attention to your Walk.


Download new materials to read and share:

Three Steps for Change  (WDF)
COVID-19 and diabetes  (WDF)


See these useful links from WDF partners:

Home-based exercise for people with diabetes (International Diabetes Federation)
Information on COVID-19 and NCDs (WHO)
Mr Bean’s Essential COVID-19 Checklist (WHO)

See who walks

Explore the interactive 'Who Walks' map to find a Walk near you.

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Once the essentials are in place, make sure to register your Walk on our website. This helps promote your Walk, and ensures that your Walk will be counted in this year's Walk campaign.

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