Type 2 diabetes

One of the major health threats of the 21st century

Type 2 diabetes is largely preventable, but remains responsible for millions of deaths and many more disabling and life-threatening complications.

The problem
Type 2 diabetes accounts for about 95% of diabetes casesworldwide. It often develops over many years, with the result that a great number of people remain undiagnosed even as their bodies are being damaged by excess blood glucose. Type 2 diabetes and its complications are largely preventable, but remain responsible for millions of premature deaths and disabilities, especially in the developing world.

WDF's response
To reduce the global burden of type 2 diabetes, prevention is critical. When the disease does develop, early diagnosis and treatment are essential to improve patients’ lives and reduce the burden on individuals, families and societies. Hyperglycaemia and comorbidities should be effectively managed to avoid life-threatening long-term complications. The WDF supports improving prevention and access to care through local partnerships 

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