Diabetes Message Program and Active Learning Workshop
Diabetes Messages and Active Learning Workshop


Beginning in 2014, Susan Landgren, a US-based Registered Dietitian, set out to create materials to educate the public about diabetes, hypertension, and adult learning, in coordination with Medical Teams International. The result was the Diabetes Message Programme, and the Active Learning Workshop. The Diabetes Messages Programme is designed to raise awareness of lifestyle prevention and control of diabetes. The programme can be led by Health Promoters or Health Professionals in community meetings and classroom settings. Included are: three interactive lessons, three drama-based lessons, handout materials and more. The Active Learning Workshop teaches instructors how they can effectively present any topic.

The materials are available in English and Spanish, and can be adapted to other languages and cultures as needed. The materials are free for use with attribution to Ms. Landgren.

For more information, or to offer feedback and suggestions, please contact Susan G. Landgren, MS, RDN, sglandgren@gmail.com


Materials to read and download:

Active Learning Workshop (English)

  • Handout: Principles of Adult Learning
  • Handout: Active Learning
  • Handout: Planning a Community Health Lesson


Taller de Aprendizaje Activo (Español)

  • Material: Principios de Aprendizaje Adulto
  • Material: Aprendizaje Activo
  • Material: Planeando una lección de Salud Comunitaria


Diabetes Messages (English)


Mensajes de Diabetes (Español)